The VFW Auxiliary’s Critical Cancer Insurance

Chubb’s Critical Cancer Illness policy provides coverage for your Auxiliary. It pays a flat amount upon diagnosis


· The plan provides a cash benefit for defined critical cancer conditions to help cover out of pocket medical and other non-medical expenses.

· The Benefit Amount is paid one time for each Critical Condition, up to the policy Maximum Benefit Amount.

· Insureds with a cancer diagnosis can use the lump sum benefit payment for any purpose they choose: paying off deductibles, childcare, transportation costs, loss of income, or any other financial need.

· If an Insured Person receives benefit under this policy for a covered Critical Condition, he or she can receive benefits for a different covered Critical Condition as long as the date of Diagnosis is separated by at least 6 months.

· A member is eligible to be insured if they are age 70 or less.

· Coverage terminates at age 85.


· Each Auxiliary can choose the benefit amount desired for their members. There are 7 plans to choose from.

· Guaranteed Acceptance (however, members are subject to a 12-month pre-existing condition limitation*)

· Cash Benefits are paid directly to the member

· Benefits are paid regardless of any other insurance

· All Auxiliary Members are automatically included in the program

· An Auxiliary may enroll anytime if the Auxiliary chooses to have the Critical Cancer Insurance program